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Over 100 years of collective experience in the industry!

What do we offer

Corporate MICE Service

With our experience and our network hotels, our clients can surely benefit from our unparalleled commitment.

Offbeat Travel

Go and discover an amazing place very few know about, Surprise yourself and your family, every time you book a holidays with us.

School Tours

Taking out children for a outing takes a very different kind of skills. Our habit to go that extra mile is pretty handy here.

Customized Family Getaways

Make you own itinerary with the help of our Holiday Consultants.

About us

If you are planning to travel for a holiday, options are abound these days. Very often you are at crossroads when it comes to finding just the right holiday that suits your needs. Easy access to information on internet and with ready overdose of pre-designed holiday packages, you often try and fit yourself into someone else’s plan. Seeing is not always believing when it comes to glossy pictures of hotels and resorts very often what you experience is a let down. Many discerning travelers sometime wish that they had someone who could show the real picture.
We at WNY Holidays, try to make it all simpler for you. Instead of fitting our holidays into schedule, we believe in planning your holidays as you see it. Be it MICE, Family holidays or group of friends, we handle it all with élan.

A set of seasoned travel professionals set out to create a company of their own in 2012 with a simple desire, motivation and mission

“WNY Holidays is dedicated to provide a high quality holiday experience with added value prepositions to all our clients. We believe in complete transparency, utmost care and always strive to set high ethical standards though our interactions, processes and commitments to our customers”

Be it the choice of hotels, activities, food or the pacing of your itinerary, you would find our travel planners to be a friendly guide who will understand you completely before offering any solutions. 100% your holidays at 100% your desires. We know every company or every family is different , so why to offer one size that fits all?

Planning for a holiday can often take the fun out of a holiday. What starts as a general idea of going for a holiday, quickly morphs into a plethora of choices. Where to go? Where to stay? What to do? Will the kids enjoy? Is the place as good as it looks on the website? Will it be a value for money? And very soon the idea of holidays turns into a confusing mishmash of facts, hopes and debates.
Most companies will offer you what they have to offer. At WNY, we try and give you what you want. We only suggest holidays that we have tested ourselves, the places we have seen and the experiences our team has gone through. WNY travel counselor provides you first hand information about the places and the activities and if we don’t know something , we will find it out so that you can rest assured that with WNY, what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG).


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