At W N Y, we are passionate about finding, researching and checking out properties at offbeat and unexplored places. You can always bank on us to find that perfect homestay in Himalayas or spend your next holiday at some heritage cottage or a bunglow from a foregone time. Places you might not have heard off or you may be unsure about the quality of accommodation or food.

With large portals offering gigantic amount of choices, finding that little gem to spent your next holiday can become a tiring task. The problem gets even more complicated as official websites of hotels and resorts often hide more than they tell. Do I trust the pictures? Will the room be as big as it looks? Will they provide my kind of food? Can I go with my pet?  W N Y  recommends a place after an intensive research and background checks about the quality of stay and overall holiday experience. If we don’t know, we find it out for you so that you are not in for surprises.

We already have an interesting and intriguing list of over 100 such properties in Uttaranchal and Himachal. With detailed insightes on each of these properties, our holiday consultant can take away from generalities to the specifics and unfold the kind of experience it offers you. We know how important the details are for you and your family.These may be hotels, resorts, homestays, heritage bunglows or small boutique hotels but you can be sure of one thing – A great holiday experience!

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Bobs Place – Nathukhan, Uttranchal

(on Ramgarh – Mukteshwar road)

Travel Time : 7 hours from Delhi

WNY Review : At Bobs place one can find tastefully done cottages, warm and hospitable service and great homely food. The main block has a feel of a personal house with a nicely done up living / dining room and a big sun deck. Each cottage has independent gardens and the rooms are large enough with magnificent views.

The food is amazing with local flavours and they can surely offer some wonderfully created desserts and continental stuff too.

Nathuakhan is a typical small village in the kumaon region and one can walk off into any direction for walks. For those who are looking for a peaceful place to unwind from the stress of city life Bobs place offers an excellent holiday option.


Dunagiri Retreat – Dunagiri, Uttranchal

(Ahead of Ranikhet and Dwarahat)

Travel Time : 8 hours from Delhi

WNY Review : For city dwellers, a place like Dunagiri retreat brings in so much stillness, so much peace and a very grounding experience. The silence, the stunning visuals and the vast spreads of mountain land soothes your senses. The location of this place is very unique and so difficult to find in the mountains- with undulating hues of valleys sashaying on your front to the stunning Himalayas on your back. The beautiful sunrise and a majestic sunset are just about a small climb apart.

The rooms are large and uncluttered, the food is amazing and the people warm and friendly. Its a great place to rejuvenate and reconnect with nature.

If you are going with young kids or for a happening holiday, Dunagiri may be a little too quiet and uncomfortable for you.


The Binsar Retreat – Binsar, Uttranchal

(Ahead of Almora in the Binsar forest reserve)

Travel Time : 8 hours from Delhi

Staying at Binsar retreat is a like practically staying like a local in as natural way as one can. The place it tucked deep in the forest and accessible only after a short climb in a 4WD vehicle. All the tests are spread out and at different levels proving you with your own space. We stayed in the newly built cottage and the adjoining tent and the accommodation was as comfortable as it can get with great food and wonderful service. The Staff is helpful and courteous and they really looked after very well.

The place offers majestic views of the Himalayas and we witnessed one of the best sunsets ever with myriad hues of the sky. It’s an amazing experience to stay at a place so integrated with nature; the use of solar lanterns and solar lights makes one feel how completely sustainable our world is if we are a little careful and a little adjusting.