In today’s globalization times, success and survival belongs to only those corporate organizations which can most effectively tap the hidden potential of their employees in terms of innovation, creativity and team building. What is in continuous demand, are the new approaches and strategies and while dealing with crucial deadlines and uncertainties, managing ambiguities and pioneering different strategies are the major managerial requirements today. Training and adventure programs managed by W N Y Holiday Options makes the unique attempt and helps in setting up an example for an individual’s behavior as well as the team process to synergize and integrate not only an individual’s learning cycle but also of the teams’ and organizations’ too.

The offsite adventure trips when combined with MICE also helps in providing a platform for the stimulation of the principles of management and organizational behavior. W N Y’s adventure and training programs fulfills the ever increasing need of the employees and their teams to apply those principles practically while making them come face to face with real life situations and hence learn from their experiences.

At W N Y , our team of experts, use a hearty mix of adventure and fun based team building activities to bring out the dramatic changes in the teams and employees. Our main focus is on what can be taken as learning from the trip that can be applied at the work environment and on how can a team be sustained in a continuous learning cycle. All the adventure and training program at W N Y Holiday Options can be customized according to the training requirements of the different groups.